Frequently Asked Questions


What is a home inspection and what all is included?

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Do I need a home inspection?

Absolutely! No one likes to waste time OR money. While a home inspection is not required by law, a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars and certainly a lot of time. Buying a home is possibly the single largest investment you will make. And this is not just a financial investment, it is also an emotional, mental and time investment. By spending a relatively insignificant amount of money and time on a home inspection, you may ultimately be saving yourself a significant amount of both money and time.

What if my inspection report reveals the house is in good condition? Did I really need an inspection?

Absolutely! This means that you can move forward in your purchase with confidence! This is what we ultimately hope to give you, confidence in your decision and investment. In addition, you will now be able to move into your home with new information and educational resources given to you through the inspection report. A home inspection is not just aimed at preparing you to move into a well maintained home in the context of a secure investment, but also to help equip you towards good maintenance practices for the future lifespan of your new home.

There are many different factors of a home inspection that affect the cost. But we do promise that our prices are both competitive and affordable. We believe an inspection is a service that all should have access to. For more inquiries please email us or call (614) 674-3067 and we would love to answer any questions you may have!

How much does an inspection cost?

A home inspector is professionally trained and certified to identify not just all of the homes structures and systems, but also how they all operate in relationship to one another. Even the most experienced home owner lacks knowledge and expertise of a professional home inspector. However, it is important you find a truly qualified home inspector. Just as in every field of profession, not all inspectors are equal and some do not bare the qualifications necessary to give an adequate inspection of your home.

On top of the knowledge and experience that a professional inspector brings to the table, another necessary benefit that a hired inspector brings to the table, is the ability to remain unbiased. This is a very important component when giving a fair assessment of the current condition of a home.

Why can't I do a home inspection myself?

A house cannot fail an inspection! An inspection is not a test, it is not a code inspection and it is not an appraisal. It is an objective visual examination of the condition of the home. A home inspector will not pass or fail a house, but rather describe its physical condition and describe what components and systems may need repair/replacement, maintenance or what may pose a safety concern. Whether or not the home meets the desires and standards of the buyer will be determined by them.

Can a house fail an inspection?

No you do not. You can be there for all, some or none of the home inspection. We encourage that you be there and even encourage you follow the inspector so that they may help to inform and educate you of anything they may see. But above all we want you to be comfortable and understand that people lead busy lives. The thoroughness and integrity of the inspection will not be effected by the presence or absence of the buyer or buyer's agent. We do request that the seller and selling agent not be present for the inspection as that can create a conflict of interest.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?

A typical inspection lasts between 2-3 hours. However, this can increase depending of a wide variety of factors such as the amount of problems in the home, the size of the home, and any additional services paid for by the client.

How long does an inspection last?

We promise to have the inspection report to you within 24hrs of the inspection itself! Often times, we will get it to you even sooner.

When will I get my inspection report?

No house is perfect! Even brand new homes will have things that inspector will find and report or that the builders may have overlooked. The presence of problems does not mean you should or should not buy the home, only that you know now what to expect moving forward. This is one of the reasons we encourage you be there for the inspection, as the inspector will be able to talk with you about the severity of the problems and which ones are a priority. The inspection report may also enable you to seek for certain problems to be remedied before purchase of the home.

What if the report reveals problems?

Any more questions? Please message us or contact us @ (614) 674-3067!